For the Mid-autumn Festival in 2016, I decided to make some mooncakes, for the first time, and play around with flavors, resulting in a red-bean and a pumpkin pie mooncake.

For some how-to on the mooncakes, I followed this post at Omnivores cookbook, including the related posts on making golden syrup and kansui, with some modifications.

I experimented with the filling. For the red-bean, I combined some bought (koshian) red bean paste with coconut oil. For the pumpkin, inspired by this recipe, I heated a can of pumpkin puree in a pan with some oil, sugar, and spices till it was paste-like and I got lucky and it worked. Unfortunately, I do not have ingredient quantities for either, but I hope to record what I’ve done next time. This is all experiment stage, but I wanted to share—I will update the post when I can!

The cakes are completely vegan by default, though originally they should have an egg wash and that would make them better looking.

Ultimately, I am quite satisfied with the appearance, though I might want to experiment with other molds (this one is pretty shallow and the pattern wasn’t very crisp even before baking, but I love that it’s wooden.)


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